Introduction to Des Plaines

This blog starts with the introductory post about the city Cook County, Illinois, United States. Its name is Des Plaines as the original name is of French origin. One can't say that this city is large as just about 55.000 live there according to the latest census. At the same time this city can be considered as a suburb of Chicago. Moreover it is adjacent to O'Hare International Airport.Being a Chicago suburb the city has the same postal addresses numbering system. It means that one and the same building may have different numbers according to the belonging to Chicago or Des Plaines. For instance, Devon Avenue in Des Plaines is 3200 South while it is 6400 North in Chicago. A very sophisticated issue for stangers though useful in other ways. How did it happen that there is no boundaries between two cities? Actually, this is the fate of all the small towns and cities as large megalopolices expand the boundaries between them vanish.

Doing Business

Chicago is considered to be a great place for doing business in almost every sphere. Each year a great number of companies appear on the market to provide residence with necessary services. Chicago is a great city for representatives of small, medium-sized and large business. The city offers a lot of opportunities for business development. The leading companies operating in production and nonproduction spheres offer their services and products in the area. The market is full of offerings. Here you will find everything you need for your residential and commercial needs, from quality sideloaders from company to innovative construction and home improvement products from renowned market leaders. Chicago is a great place to realize all your business ideas.

Demographic situation

As for the demographic situation Des Plaines is not an exceptional American city where practially all nations incorporate in the famous salad bowl. German, Polish, Irish, Italian, English, Swedish and other ancestries are the major in this city. What is important to remember is that the Des Plaines is a very economically diverse city, with home values ranging from $30,000 to more than $1,000,000. According to the statistics taken from - Regina mover company many Canadians are relocating to Chicago suburbs every year, as well as Americans are moving to Canadian cities.

Places of interest

Since it is being considered as Chicago suburb there are practically no own places of interest except may be the first franchised McDonald's restaurant as nowadays it is a museum. There are schools, one academy, public libraries but once again, since Chicago adjoins Des Plaines all the places of interest in Chicago can be easily reached by those living in Des Plaines. All in all, Des Plaines is just like a dormitory area for those who consider themselves the residents of the Windy City. Here, in Des Plaines, you will definitely find a lot of ways to spend your free time with use and pleasure. All the most popular Chicago golf places are located here. So, you will have an ability to try yourself in this noble sport. There are also a lot of picturesque parks, where you can relax and enjoy captivating views of the city.


Des Plaines can be compared to Canadian small towns and counties where the prices on real estate have gone up to the beyond reasonable limits. And house flipping has just made it faster since this kind of practice doesn't reflect the real state of the real estate market. This is just the practice used by those who want to buy, make some cosmetic changes to the houses and sell them at once. This is not the practice of a serious renovation when new equipment is installed or the square of the living space is increased by minimizing the packing space, installing security gates and rolling doors. Flipping as we have mentioned above usually deals with cosmetic changes and sometimes refering to spray foam equipment that makes the exterior shine. But the real value of such a condo or detached house unfortuantely remains the same.

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Real Estate List
700 580 $ 328 000 $ 525 900 $
750 000 $ 1 200 000 $ 400 950 $

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